Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Goals Review

Times flies! As it's the last day of the month, I ought to check in on my progress for the month:

Finishing - Baa - The Bold Sheep - not done - the fabric I thought I had that would do for this project is nowhere to be found, and as I'm on the stash wagon, I'm not buying anything!

Finishing - Bless The Blooms - Sanman Originals - not done - I'm not sure I want to make this piece into a wall hanging any longer, but neither am I sure I want to make it into a needleroll. I'm going to ponder a little longer, I think!

Finishing - Bless This House - Cathy Bussi - done - made into a card for a friend who is moving home shortly.

Finishing - Bumble Bee Needleroll - Lorri Birmingham Designs - done.

Finishing - Celtic Stones - Textile Heritage - done - made into a birthday card for my dad.

Miscellaneous - List Kits and UFOs - done - and what a list of shame the UFO one is! :o)

Stitching - Sewing - Penelope - done - and finished into a mini pillow too!

Stitching - Shep - Anchor - not done - may not do at all. Kit has gone back into stash while I ponder!

Stitching - Spring Needleroll - Lorri Birmingham Designs - done - and finished into a needleroll too!

Stitching - Strawberry - Needleworks by Sue Hawkins - a good start has been made on this, but I'm having trouble with one of the specialty stitch blocks.

Stitching- Strawberry Pincushion - Historic Needlework Guild - done - and finished into a pincushion.

UFO - The White House - Rowandean - not done - instructions have gone AWOL.

UFO - Wild Rose - Needleworks by Sue Hawkins - done.

I'm happy with my achievements, especially as I've completed a number of things that weren't on the goals list at all:

Finishing - I Will Finish This Project - Jo Verso = Stitching Bag

Finishing - Home Is Where The Heart Is - Donna Kooler = Ornament

Finishing - Harvest Time - Elizabeth's Designs = Mini Pillow

Finishing - Welcome Knocker - Bent Creek = Bell Pull

Finishing - Boo - Bent Creek = Tuck Pouch

Finishing - Sewing - Penelope = Mini Pillow

Finishing - The Rabbit - Bent Creek = Mini Pillow

Finishing - Love Candlewick Heart - NMI = Mini Pillow

Finishing - Bumble Bee - Penelope = Mini Pillow

Finishing - Saturday's Sampler - Lavender Wings = Bell Pull

Finishing - Primitive Primroses - Ewe & Eye & Friends = Bell Pull

UFO - Pink Rose Freebie Kit

UFO - Pig Fridge Magnet Freebie Kit

UFO - The Rabbit - Bent Creek

Whew! Some of the finishing projects go back more years than I care to remember - they pre-date both my current home and current relationship - and we've been together nearly six years!

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