Thursday, September 13, 2007

A commission!

My sister has asked me if I will stitch a sampler for her sister-in-law's forthcoming wedding, which is pencilled in for Good Friday next year.

My sis has suggested I do another version of the sampler I made for her when she got married (I still have the pattern) which is sensible, as I don't know SiL's tastes for choosing anything different and she's admired that one - SiL does stitch herself, in a small way, so I know whatever I do, it will be appreciated.

I still do want to peruse my stash and the web though for ideas. I don't normally repeat pieces! I need a project that won't take a lot of time, isn't overly flowery or sentimental, is tasteful (no cartoon characters) and classic. I wasn't impressed with anything on Sewandso, so I'm off to Hoffman... like I need an excuse! LOL! However, if anyone has any suggestions, please speak up!

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