Monday, January 05, 2009

Cable Scarf for The Hermit

Design: Chunky Cable Scarf
Designer: FWIW, me - see the pattern on an earlier blog post
Yarn: James Brett Marble Chunky, one 200g ball
Needles: 6.5mm

This is (part) of the scarf I knitted for my partner The Hermit for Christmas. I say 'part' because the whole thing is over 9 feet long. I felt that a trifle excessive, but Hermit is 6 foot, and likes a double wrap around his neck - he's used to Canadian winters, you see. I don't think he truly realises that winters never get much colder than they are currently (28 deg F, -2 deg C) despite him being over here for nearly six years!

This was a nice stitch with my favourite cheap chunky yarn, and is very soft. I was going to knit it in a 'good' natural yarn, but The Hermit has sensitive skin and preferred this, plus he really liked the colours. Blue is his favourite colour, and I don't make much in it at all, as it really isn't one mine!

It was very economical to make, the whole thing took one 200g ball, so cost me the grand total of £3.49 - can't do much better than that!


KarenV said...

It's lovely, I'm not much of a blue person either, but I really love this, especially with the brown touches. Great job!

mainely stitching said...

Beautiful knitting, Nic! :D