Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paying it Forward

Cathy had a PIF offer on her blog which I signed up for.

Cathy is going to stitch something for me in the next 365 days. In return, I promised to post this on my blog and "pay it forward" to two other stitching bloggers out there. So, if you are interested in receiving something stitched from me within the next 365 days AND you are willing to post this on your blog and "pay it forward" to two other stitching bloggers out there, leave a comment on this post. I will draw two names on Thursday 29 January.


Always smiling said...

Hey Nic,

Thank you, thank you, thank you I have just received your parcel with the LK cushion and goodies.. it is all wonderful.. I have put the cushion on a chair in our conservatory with strict instructions that it is not to be sat on!And all those seeds and you looked at my blog but didn't leave
a comment? I have posted pics of all your lovely gifts on HoE 2 and now about to do the same on my blog.
I couldn't find the tag to follow yours, did I miss it?
I felt exhausted just looking at your to do list, wow!
I feel I am not doing enough.
Bests and thank you again.
Chris x

Always smiling said...

PS I forgot please enter me for your PIF.

Chris x

Always smiling said...

Hey there nosy!!

Because you are so nice you can be as nosy as you want!And such a good idea to look at your partners blog, I shall do that in future.

Nice to hear from you.

Chris x

Jean said...

Good luck on your PIF - I won't join at present because I'm still in the process of sending out my own PIF's! It's so much fun. It's nice to have information about what people like, but I think most people just love everything cross stitch when it was made for them. You did a good job being a detective on your exchange partner - she was so surprised! Good job.

Robin said...

Oh, please enter me in youf PIF! thanks!!!