Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have been busy, honest - it's just that a lot of my stitching and knitting has been for gifts, so I haven't been able to share.

Add to that a camera that just doesn't want to hold a charge and adding pictures to this blog has become a bit stressy!

The good news is that my parents are going to buy me a new camera for my birthday next month. The bad news is that I'm getting a 'bigger' present than usual as it's a 'big' birthday - I'm going to be 40! But I digress...


This is how close I am to finishing Prairie Schooler's O Christmas Tree. I really like this - it's seasonal without being over the top, although The Hermit hates it because it mentions the "C" word. Tough - I'm in charge of decorating and come next Christmas, this will hopefully be framed and on display!


This are my current socks in progress - the yarn is something Little Sister gave be for Christmas - it is Regia Wool Cotton and it's lovely and soft to knit. The colourway is a bit too blue for me but it looks very pretty. I might ask my LYS if she is planning to stock this yarn in addition to the other Regia.


This is my mindless knitting project. Underneath all the fluffy bits is a basic garter stitch scarf, like the one I made my Mum for Christmas. In fact, it is the same yarn, just a different colourway. The picture is a bit blurry because the camera is having trouble focussing on the scarf due to the metallic threads. That's my excuse - otherwise I'll have to admit to just being a rubbish picture taker!


And finally, this is my latest shawl project. It is a pattern called Kiri, which can be found here. I'm using a Noro yarn to knit it and I love how it is looking. My Dad asked if I was making a Technicolor Dream Coat... The lace pattern is so easy to knit, too. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be smaller than I thought so will need more pattern repeats ... already it takes me 15 minutes to knit one pattern row, so it might grow very slowly from here on in - but it has only taken me just over a week to get this far.


shine said...

Ooo, the Kiri shawl is gorgeous! x

Nic said...

I'm off to the Wool Baa shortly - I think I'm going to need another skein to get the shawl as big as I want!

staci said...

Love all of your wip's, your hands are keeping busy!

That Noro hat looks fantastic...don't you just love the colors??? I've just bought some Noro sock yarn, haven't tried it out yet buy I'm anxious too :)

The sock yarn you asked about in my post is Sockotta by Plymouth, color #6670

Jean said...

Your work is just beautiful! It's hard for me to work on a row that takes 15 minutes - all I keep thinking is about how many HOURS it will take to finish the whole piece! Of course it's totally worth it and the shawl is lovely.

I love the Christmas piece. too. Beautiful stitching. Keep up the great works!

mainely stitching said...

Beautiful. :D