Friday, January 16, 2009


This interview comes courtesy of Stitch Bitch - thank you!

1. The local news media shows up on your doorstep. It turns out your neighbor is a serial killer. You cannot say, "He was so quiet. This is such a shock. This kind of thing doesn't happen here." What do you say? (You can choose the neighbor.)

" Really? I did wonder why she was always digging around in the planters. She's 91 you know. I hope to be that active at her age. She always looks so smart too, mascara, lipstick ... er, I think it's lipstick..."

2. What's the greatest invention created in your lifetime?

Although silicon chips pre date me by about ten years, I suppose I ought to say the computing revolution - in particular the world wide web (the pre cursor of which was created in 1980, so it is younger than me!)

3. What was your best job?

I think my last two have both been pretty good, working in the arts. I currently work for a community circus theatre company.

4. Over the next 18 months, we're all likely going to have to cut back. Where will you make these cuts? What luxury will fight to save? Will you actually come to blows? (That last one is a joke.)

Fortunately, we're used to frugal living here, so we probably won't see much difference. The Hermit works in a care home for the elderly, and they always need care. And it seems likely that the project I'm working on will get funding for the next 2 years - hopefully I haven't jinxed that by saying it.

That said, I am watching more carefully what I spend, and trying not to get more 'stuff'. So I'm not buying books (even second hand) and reading through the huge library I already have. And I'm not buying needlework stash until I complete a few more projects.

I think the 'luxury' that I would miss most would be the monthly meetings of my knitting and book groups - being able to order a nice hot chocolate at the meeting place, or having a meal there.

5. Are you a good speller?

Yes. And I always have been, I think because I have always been a reader.

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