Saturday, January 03, 2009

Review of the Year Meme

Lee put together this meme, and here are my answers:
  1. Did you discover any new (or new-to-you) designers in 2008? And your favorite was? Thanks to the many bloggers who love her designs, I 'discovered' Little House Needleworks, and The Sampler Girl
  2. Same question - New Fabrics? Not really, as I didn't really buy much fabric this year. However, I did use some 32 count Vintage Zweigart Linen from my stash, and was very taken with it,
  3. Same question - New fibres? Stef Francis. Gorgeous colours and lovely to work with.
  4. Same question - New finishing techniques? Oh yes! Floss Tags, Pinkeeps, Scissor Pouches, Biscornu, Mattress Pincushions... all thanks to other stitchers sharing finishes and tutorials on the web! Especial thanks must go to Vonna, I use her instructions all the time!
  5. Did you have a favorite “theme” in 2008? Probably the usual sheep and bees and samplers although Quaker crept in there too.
  6. Did you try any new gadgets? I don't think so.
  7. Did you discover any new (or new-to-you) LNS in 2008? Unfortunately, no. And My LNS closed at Christmas.
  8. Same question: new or new-to-you online stores? Yes, Thread Bear - I was very impressed by the service and helpfulness.
  9. Same question: new or new-to-you bloggers?
    a) stitching bloggers: Gosh, too many to list. My Google Reader is stuffed- I think I need to cut back a bit, as I'm not having time to comment and interact with everyone.
    b) bloggers in general: Not a huge number, mainly coming through links other people point me to. These tend to be people on LJ (as I have another blog there)
  10. Same question: communities/forums? Hooked on Exchanges was the main one, I guess. Oh, and Ravelry, although I've not really got to grips with it all yet. I've come to the conclusion I'm not hugely keen on forums, they are too time consuming.
  11. Whose blog in 2008 was the most inspirational for keeping you stitching?I'm going to say my own, simply because being accountable to myself and to the other people who read it keeps me focussed! LOL
  12. Whose blog was funniest in 2008? A three way tie, I think, between Stitch Bitch, Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Purl. Although SB probably edges it because it's a two way thing, she pops along to my blog :o)
  13. Which blog’s posts did you “star” the most in your reader in 2008?A work related one that posts funding news. Sad but true.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Wow! That is some serious company you have me with. How come I don't have a book contract? ;)