Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celtic B - Mike Vickery

Now that this is safely installed in it's new home, I'm free to share some pictures!

Design: B - from the book Celtic Cross Stitch

Designer: Mike Vickery

Fabric: 25 count linen, antique white

Threads: DMC - three strands for cross stitch, one for back stitch

This was finished last month and given to my dad as a birthday present. I made it into a pillow as he likes his comfort :o) The pillow was a pre-made one, and I appliqued the design onto the front after turning a small hem. I used threads drawn from the excess fabric so the stitching couldn't be seen.

The design is one I started years ago and left unfinished at this point:

As you can see, there wasn't actually all that much to do, but I think I'd got fed up of the half stitches and the back stitching! I completed this mainly on my commute - the journey is short enough so that I didn't get bored, but the twice a day stint meant that the stitching grew quite quickly.

I love how the colours interact, but I'm not sure I would stitch something like this again.

Dad loved it, and it made a change for him from his usual "bloke gifts"!

Can I just say "thank you" to everyone who comments, and I see there are some newcomers and/or delurkers - it is much appreciated and I'm reading most of your blogs when I can - I'm sorry I'm not returning the compliment at the moment.

Hazel - in answer to your question, I'm not far away - I live on the southern edge of Sheffield and I work in Chesterfield. I was in the Peak when we went out with my dad for his birthday :o)


Anna van Schurman said...

That is funky!

Barbara said...

What a great gift for your Dad! I agree with Anna, it's funky! I just love it - and I can well imagine your dad getting a big smile every time he lays eyes on it!

Deanne J said...

I love it, it is funky and finishing it as a pillow is a great ides.