Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hmmm... I have taken pictures of my latest WIPs, but the USB cable to download them has gone missing, so I'm afraid this is going to be a picture free post.

Morning Song, my stitch along with Sally, is still stuck on the sheepies, but that's because I've been distracted by knitting and didn't spend much time with it this week! It was World Knit in Public Day on Saturday - I sat for a couple of hours by the fountain in the Botanical Gardens with my needles and some wool. I started a project which I've just finished - it's the Twisty Bag from Sheepfold (I picked the kit up for 50p at a St Lukes shop, I wouldn't have paid £24.50, I'm too cheap!) I felted it in the washing machine - a tad risky, considering we've just had thte pump replaced but it turned out really well! It's my first attempt at felting, I've impressed myself as it was quite a scary thing to do with something that you've spent hours on...I've already started on another bag, using a multi coloured yarn - I think my knitting mojo is back :o)

I've arranged some trades - do check out my list and see if there's anything you fancy - so I will be getting some 'new to me' stash soon - always exciting! I've been pretty good about using my existing stash, but I think that's because I'm finding it more exciting than a lot of the new releases.

I bought a tin of mints from Marks and Spencer so I can do the Monthly Finishing Challenge - I think I'm going to use a Victoria Sampler freebie as the tin is virtually the same as an Altoid one, just green. I've never done a tin topper before, and as there's glue involved, I'm not sure it's going to be a happy experience!

I have a couple of exchanges to work on as well, which are the priority. I have an ornament to make for a Christmas in July exchange run by Simone but that doesn't have to be cross stitch, and I think I know what I'm doing for that. The other exchange is the Little House Needleworks exchange over on Hooked on Exchanges and I finished the stitched piece for this a while ago, but I need to make it up - probably into a pinkeep.

I don't think I'm going to have much progress to report next week either, as this weekend is going to be very busy with the exchanges, which will have to be kept under wraps - but hopefully I will find the camera cable and put up some pictures of the bag and the SAL,

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marci said...

that's a really groovy bag - I like it a lot. I wish I could master knitting -- I try, but only manage to knit one row before I get all befuddled. Maybe I should ask my mom to teach me when she comes for a visit later this summer.