Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Update

I'm still rushing around a bit, but in a couple of hours I shall be safely sat ona train, with nothing to do the the three hour trip except stitch (I don't bother looking out of the window, I've done the trip hundreds of times). I'm off for two days of courses in London, so I have a couple of evenings where it will just be me, my book and my needlework in a hotel room - no chores, no interruptions, no pressure ... I can't wait.

Sally - hopefully I will have some progress to show on Morning Song when I get back!


Ruth said...

Oh, your adventure sounds perfect. Nothing like hotel rooms to focus you on your reading and stitching! Hope the course proves worth the trip, but at least the off hours will be fun for you :)

Anonymous said...

ohh how fantastic - the thought of being able to stitch with nothing else to do and no interuptions sounds like bliss. enjoy!!

staci said...

A perfect excuse to do nothing but stitch...hope you get lots accomplished!!!

Hazel said...

Sounds great! I see you're in Derbyshire. Anywhere near me in the High Peak??


Vanessa said...

Your celtic cross stitch is awesome. Love the colors. Great work
Vanessa in Upstate NY