Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wren - Birthday Card

Design: Wren
Designer: unknown, from an old edition of Cross Stitcher (UK) - I think
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 28 count evenweave, cream

To go with the gift, I also stitched my dad a birthday card. This had been lurking in my finishing pile for ages, and was going to be part of a patchwork cushion as there are three other birds in the series. However, my mum isn't keen on birds in art, so I thought it might be better to have the little jenny wren only on temporary display!

I chose the wren for the birthday card as there is nearly always a nesting pair of wrens in one of the hedges that form the boundary to my parent's garden. They are such sweet and perky birds, and I think that the designer has captured that very cleverly - before the backstitch went in, the bird was just a beige blob, but the outlines really brought it to life.


Barbara said...

I love birds in art - as you know! ;) So this card is just delightful - what a cute and perky little fella to wish your Dad a happy birthday!

And speaking of birds ... guess what the postman brought me today?! YAY!! Thank you so much! I'll blog about it tomorrow. :D

Sally said...

What a lovely birthday card Nic. I also love the gift you made for your Dad.

Did you do much on Morning Song this week? I'm finally onto the sheep:)

Lee said...

Your dad is one lucky fella! Nice job all the way around.

Deanne J said...

Beautiful card.