Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Great Stitchy Day Yesterday!

I was feeling a little blue when I got home from work yesterday - it had been a dull, slow day, the weather was awful, I was feeling achey ... and then The Hermit pointed out a package waiting for me. It was covered in stamps and looked really cheerful, but what was inside was even better! Janaina was my partner in the Hooked on Exchanges Pinkeep Exchange, and she sent me a lovely stitched piece - Love, by Little House Needleworks. She says she's a better stitcher than finisher, but she's a pretty good finisher! I was spoiled with the goodies: some fruit tea (I love fruit teas!), some shower gel (I love having a long shower!), some floss - I think a Brazilian brand, how exotic (and yes, I love the colours - all autumnal!), some stitching fabric (I love neutral coloured evenweaves), some finishing fabric (I love the funky spring colours and designs) and a postcard (I love postcards, I'm a member of Postcrossing.) Can you tell I'm a happy bunny? LOL

I've taken a photo, but I won't be able to upload it until tomorrow, because I've left the relevant USB cable at work...

Anyway, that cheered me up no end, as did The Hermit making dinner, so I then set to work on my own stitching - actually, finishing this time. I'm a new member of the Monthly Finishing Challenge Blog, and the challenge this month was for a needleroll. And I finally made up the July Needleroll by The Victoria Sampler! I did it listening to the football commentary on the radio (Liverpool V Arsenal) . It was very exciting, so I was a little hyper by full time - which coincided with the final stuffing - so I went on and did another one! This was the needleroll from Spring Fobs by Heart in Hand, and it's been finished for at least three years! Again, I'll post pics tomorrow :o)

So, I'm a bit tired this morning, but pretty perky, and over the blue mood! I've got a nice day to look forward to today - I'm meeting up with my parents, my sister and my niece this morning, then I have a lunch meeting to discuss a presentation I'm making at a Learner Celebration evening - and the place we're meeting does goodfood :o).


Barbara said...

So were the needlerolls difficult? I've thought about joining the group but haven't done so ... yet!

marci said...

Sounds like a great day, N! I used to love getting packages like that. I miss stitching - must dig out my WIP and get back to it.

Barbara - needlerolls are not that difficult. I think the hardest part for me was the hemstitching (is that the bit where you fold the ends over to 'finish' them?) and being brave enough to cut the threads and pull them to run the ribbon through. But once you do it - the next one is much easier.

Nic said...

I don't find needlerolls difficult, it's basically just stitching a tube ...

I do make things more tricky than perhaps I need to, because I tend to a. hemstitch the ends to make them pretty (you could make a hem in the normal way, or machine sew them)
b. hemstitch the ribbon insertion area, even though no one can see that when it's finished - but it makes it easier to slot the ribbon through
c. construct the tube using a French seam to make the visible ends look tidy
d. do all the finishing by hand.