Monday, April 07, 2008

Love - Birds of a Feather

Design: Love
Designer: Birds of a Feather
Threads: Gentle Arts Sampler Threads
Fabric: 28 count linen, flax.

This was the sampler I stitched for The Hermit for Valentines. It should have been quick to stitch, but the frogs came to visit, and I had to unpick several motifs - especially annoying as on one of them I was only one thread out!
I altered the colours slightly from the original chart, but tried to keep within the same family that the designers used. The major alteration was changing the man to look more like my beloved - hence the beard!
The frame was a cheap ready made one from Wilkinsons - it isn't real wood, although you wouldn't guess from the photo - the wood effect is a photo on paper, which has then been glued to an MDF backing (by the manufacturer, not by me, I hasten to add. Glue and I don't really mix...)


Sally said...

That is a gorgeous finish and I love that frame.

Michele said...

what a great finish! and the frame is perfect :)

Barbara said...

This is a BOAF I've coveted. Love your personalizations of it!