Sunday, April 13, 2008

January Block Flip It - Lizzie*Kate

Design: January Block Flip It
Designer: Lizzie*Kate
Threads: DMC (conversion as per chart)
Fabric: 29 count evenweave, lambswool

I started this three years ago, on a flight from Birmingham to Frankfurt. My needle and Clover cutter got through airport security okay, but my hair accessory didn't ... it was a large clip, and the powers-that-decide-these-things thought it too long and pointy. So, I'd to spend the flight with my damp hair down and getting chilly - it was a 6.40 am flight and I'd to be awake at 4.00 am! I was embarassed as I was with my then boss, who'd had to wait as my hand luggage was minutely examined ... and of course there were supplies for my period in there too LOL

Anyway, due to the early hour and the hassle, I made a counting mistake on the snow scene, and this piece was laid aside until earlier this year, when I finally worked out the mistake and did some serious frogging.

I'm beginning to feel that this series is jinxed though - I started doing the February piece on the bus, and lost my baggie with the floss in it ...


Stitcher said...

Sending you good vibes, that all goes well for this project from now on. :-)

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, what a story about the airport security. I have to say, I'd have been embarassed, too. LOL!

I hope you get beyond your jinx on the project, though, because it is a cute series.

Sally said...

Love this one as it has a sheep on it! Lol!

Did you start Morning Song last night?