Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday Stitching

Yesterday, the weather here was awful - we had rain, hail, snow, sunshine, so what's a girl to do? Curl up and stitch, that's what!

Actually, first of all I had a trip to the framers to make - the nice lady in the quilt shop had told me that this particular framers sells off-cuts of mount board cheaply, so I went to get some, for my own framing and also for making pinkeeps. She'd made a curious comment "make sure they are your last stop, and not the first" - and when I went, I saw why! I have a huge bag full of pieces, I could make dozens of pinkeeps and still have some left over - and it only cost me £5 ($10). You must think I'm a real cheapskate, but I do love a bargain! Anyway, I came back cold and wet from this trip, so The Hermit and I went out for brunch to get warm. We came back, I started some laundry, and then sat down to stitch :o)

I've finished another motif on Neat Country Stuff (aka The Sludge Monster) and finished Land That I Love. So, as a reward, I made a new start - June, by Shepherd's Bush. It seems ages since I stitched a golden beehive ...

I also sorted and tidied all my stash on the shelves, so it's looking a lot better. I still need to go through the freebies and charts taken from magazines again - with each pass, the pile gets smaller, so I'm making progress. I've got a lot of othe charts I don't think I'm going to stitch, either, so I need to get myself sorted and list them here. I wish there was a group like Chartswappers about - does anyone know a good place to trade charts? I don't really want to get back into selling on eBay, it was a lot of work and took over the flat at one point as I kept acquiring things to sell on, in addition to my own stuff...

Sally and I are going to be stitching Morning Song by Just Nan as a SAL. Of course, despite my newly organised stash, my chart has gone AWOL, so sometime today I'm going to be looking for it ... hopefully the sheep will return to the fold, and we can get going next weekend! I haven't stitched a Just Nan in a while.

Pictures of my finishes will appear on Monday, when I get back to the office. Happy Stitching Sunday, everyone!

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Sally said...

I hope you manage to find your chart Nic. That would be a bummer if you couldn't find it.

Sounds like you got a bargain with your off cuts. My framer does that too and I got a bag ages ago.