Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring Basket - Lizzie*Kate

Design: Spring Basket Snippet

Designer: Lizzie*Kate

Fabric: 14 count aida, antique white

Threads: DMC

Finish: Pinkeep, trimmed with ricrac braid, backed with the fabric shown.

I stitched this for Kendra in the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club. I made a huge boo-boo and got the date of her birthday wrong, but she has been very nice about it. The daft thing is that I had stitched the piece in plenty of time, and left it to one side to finish! Initially, I thought about just making a mini pillow, as I'm okay with those, but then I decided to be brave and make a pinkeep. The construction is slightly unconventional, but it looks okay. The backing fabric is the blue folksy style print you can see in the background of the pictures, and the trim is ricrac braid. The pins were some I received myself (from Sonda) - isn't it great to share with stitchers :o)

I stitched the piece with the DMC conversions given on the chart, and omitted the buttons - frankly, I forgot about adding any!

These are the goodies I added - I wanted to co-ordinate a bit, but also to take into account Kendra's likes and dislikes.

I hope she enjoys them - I enjoyed making it, and putting the package together, I just didn't feel too happy about getting the date wrong!


Vonna said...

It's beautifully done :)
Kendra is a kind soul, she'll love it and won't worry a bit knowing that you got the date mixed up :)

Sally said...

It is gorgeous Nic.

Kendra said...

Thank you again for the lovely exchange package! The pinkeep is really pretty...just my kind of thing. It'll fit in with the general decor of my house very well, I just need to find a good place for it. Plus now I have a model to look off of when I attempt to make my first pinkeep! And I love all the other goodies...they will be put to good use!

As for the date mix-up...please don't feel bad! Mistakes happen sometimes...I ought to know, seeing as how I make them quite a bit...LOL

Thanks again! Oh, and I've added your blog to my Google Reader now. :-)

Nicola said...

A very pretty pinkeep!