Friday, April 18, 2008


Taken from quiltorstitch, although I have seen it in other places too.

1. How do you hold your fabric? In a circular hoop, usually no bigger than 8 inches - excess fabric gets rolled and pinned out of the way.

2. Floss licker? Only if flattening it with my thumb nail hasn't worked.

3. How do you thread your needle? Trim the end, flatten with thumb nail, and hope :o) Actually, with DMC, I use a loop start if stitching with two strands, so quite often I thread the loop through, it's easier.

4. What needle do you like best? John James Petites, size 26. I didn't used to worry what sort of needle I used, and then, because so many people recommended these, I bought a packet. It was a revelation! Finer needles are so much smoother in use, and with the smaller length, it's easier to finish ends.

5. Are you a needle loser? Not too bad, my main problem is breaking the eyes on them, as I use 26s or 28s a lot.

6. What fabric do you prefer to stitch on? 28 or 32 Count Linen or Evenweave.

7. Bobbins or floss bags? Bobbins

8. Are you a scissors collector? Not really, but I have a lot of pairs, as I tend to leave them lying around, I like a pair for each project - and it also shows off my fob collection! I'm lusting for Ginghers, but can't really justify buying a pair...

9. Do you do your own framing, and if so, do you lace or pin? Yes, I do. I will lace if I have to, but here's the confession - double sided tape tends to get used. Only on the small pieces, which I don't really regard as heirlooms...

10. Are you a floss floozy? I think so - I have full sets of DMC, Six Strand Sweets, a part set of Anchor, GAST, and others...

11. Silk? It's good, but not something I would use every day, I don't think it's worth the extra cost.

12. Railroader? I do try to keep the strands separate with the needle, but only generally on the top leg.

13. Are you a pattern or designer snob? Probably. Or if not exactly a snob, I can be very opinionated. There are certain designers I loathe, and it's always a bit tough making comments on happy dances if people have completed certain things - I do choose the blogs I read on the basis of the stuff people stitch, I'm afraid!

14. Do you get antsy when you give someone a stitched gift? No, because ony people I know who will appreciate something handmade get stitched gifts from me.

15. Have you reached S.A.B.L.E.? Probably not, actually. Possibly enough for ten to fifteen years, though - but I'm a fast stitcher. The good news is that I come from long lived forebears, who kept their eyesight ...

16. Do you wash your projects? It has been known, although I'm always cautious with overdyed flosses.

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Emily said...

ooo nice questions, perhaps I will steal them too. :)