Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back in the swing...

I didn't realise how much I was missing stitching until I started again! I have a rotation organised, and I seem to be back up to full speed - projects are growing quicker than I expected!

I'm using one of those small sets of drawers designed for offices to hold papers - with five sections, they are big enough to hold everything for each project, including a pair of scissors, hoops etc, and they keep the chart flat and uncreased too! They are also big enough to hold the things I think I will use for finishing - cord, fabric, even a small picture frame. Best of all, I can lift out a drawer and move around with it keeping everything together, then shove it away neatly when it's time to finish!

I hope that I don't "burn out" but I don't think I will, I'm prepared for when I slow down a bit, but I have so many lovely things in my stash, it would be such a waste to let them moulder :o)

I've decided that I'm going to stitch as many of my kits as possible, as they are taking up the most room overall - plus it means that (hopefully) I don't have to buy anything to complete them - although of course, there's always the time when the manufacturers haven't put enough thread in, grrr ... I'm short of enough Anchor 147 to finish six stitches - and I don't have a huge selection of Anchor, the very local LNS stocks DMC ... so I've just rung my mum to see if she can help!

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