Friday, August 10, 2007

Beehive Beaded Pin - Mill Hill

(Apologies for the poor image - scanning an object with beads on isn't ever going to be hugely successful!)

This was something of an experiment for me - I bought this kit off eBay because basically it was a beehive - I wasn't sure about all the beading, but thought I would give it a go!

The hardest part of the kit was sorting the beads - fortunately, I had a spare bead caddy which I could use, but it was still annoying that all the beads were just jumbled together in one bag, especially as three of the colours were very similar when viewed "hole on".

There were sufficient spares to allow for dropped or misshapen beads, and a good quantity of thread, which was DMC. The instructions were very clear, and the formation of the flowers looked more complicated than it actually was!

Stitching on perforated paper is nice because the needle passes through so easily - no effort required! :o)

The suggested finish is as a brooch, but that's not really my style, so I think I might actually mount the finished piece onto a velvet background and frame it.

Design Details

Fabric: 14 count perforated paper, light brown
Threads: DMC Light Effects metallic threads
Designer: Ellen Scheidler
Kit Details: Spring Bouquet III - Beehive MHSB26 - Mill Hill (c) 1994
Stitch Count: 29H x 25V
Stitches Used: Cross Stitch, Satin Stitch
Threads Used: DMC 319, 3046, 310 Two strands used throughout.
Embellishments: Mill Hill Beads 332, 62031, 2014, 62041, 62034, 2005, 123, 2011
Modifications Made: Substituted black cross stitches for the black beads in hive opening.

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