Friday, August 24, 2007

Bumble Bee - Penelope

This was a small kit I picked up at a car boot sale for the princely sum of £0.50 - and it kept me entertained for several hours, which is good value in my book! That's what I like about stitching - one might feel guilty at the cost of buying stash, but when it gives hours of pleasure when stitching, and then on-going pleasure having the finished item around, it really is a value for money hobby! There are people I know who spend more on a mass produced print than I do on a cross stitch project, and that baffles me a little :o)

Anyway, the project - small and sweet. I wasn't sure about the oranges for the honeycomb at first - they are much brighter than on the kit front - but they seem to work okay. I'm going to put this in a tiny pine frame and secret it on one of my bookcases along with the honey jars and other small things.

Design Details

Fabric: 14 count aida, white.
Threads: Anchor stranded cottons.
Designer: Not credited.
Kit Details: Bumble Bee - Penelope "Momentos" from Coats Craft UK
Stitch Count: 26H x 25V
Stitches Used: Cross Stitch, Back Stitch.
Threads Used: Anchor 295, 302, 298, 304, 355, 235, 236, 403. Two strands used throughout for cross stitch, one for back stitch.
Embellishments: None.
Modifications Made: None.


Miss Shine said...

Bee! I like it :) x

Nic said...

Kind of obvious what my obsess... favourite subject is, no?

lucykate crafts... said...

i know this is a post from last year, but am going to leave a comment anyway. i was searching around google for 'bumble bees' and came across this, i designed this when i worked as a designer for coats/anchor, it was one of my early projects, so could be about 10 years ago, a real blast from the past to see it! very beautifully stitched by the way : )