Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dear Santa, I Can Explain... - Lizzie*Kate

Not the greatest picture - padded wallhangings don't tend to want to lie flat!

This is another finish that has been languishing in my finished pile for several years - in my defence, I hardly went near my stitching in 2006 and for most of 2005 :o)

This was made up quite simply with a couple of remnants from my fabric stash - I didn't have enough of the holly print to go all the way round, and as I'm trying not to buy anything new, went with a matching plain fabric. I think now that the printed fabric all the way round might have been too much anyway.

There is wadding in the middle, and a calico backing, and I hope to get (or make) a wire hanger which I can peg this too with those cute mini clothes pegs.

Sally - I'm setting aside one day a week when I do some finishing, otherwise it just won't happen! It tends to be Sundays, as there's less distractions. I'm hoping that when the backlog is dealt with, my finishing day can go to one day per month, or that I will finish as I go!


Barbara said...

Sunday is usually my finishing day, too. ;) DH is here to help with the kids, so I can concentrate better on what I'm doing. LOL!

Sally said...

Very nice finish Nic. Good idea setting aside one day a week to finish things up. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and do that.