Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ready or Not - Lizzie*Kate

Thank you everyone for your comments, and welcome everyone to my blog! I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to drop by, and please feel free to say hi!

Susan - the Christmas Sampler is stitched with two strands of thread for the cross stitch and most of the back stitch. I think it looks delicate because the fabric is 28 count.

This is another little wallhanging finish. The design is a Snippet from Lizzie*Kate called Ready or Not - I remember it seemed to take a long time for a Lizzie*Kate design, as the stitching is quite solid on the Santa!

I'm going to be looking out the rest of my decorations later, as I need to find my Advent Calendar and fill it with chocolates :o)

I'm also going to the next town, which has a nice craft shop with a needlework section - I will only look, honest! LOL


Michelle said...

What a cute Santa!

Susan said...

That is just adorable. Lizzie Kate's are good, and you did a super job! Thanks for sharing.

sammyjo said...

the 'honest' in the last sentance doesnt convince me lol i know i couldnt resist the wall hanging looks great

photo blog girl said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. I used to try to do some cross-stitching and I was a miserable failure at it. So I am impressed by your perseverance!!

Sally said...

Fantastic finish Nic. I did this one a few years ago and he'll be coming out again soon this weekend:)