Thursday, November 01, 2007

Potted Flowers - The Bold Sheep

This was last month's travel prject - stuffed into handbags, worked on in waiting rooms, on buses, trains and trams... I'm quite relieved it only came out with one small mark on it!

The kit was quite straightforward to stitch (although there is an error in there, but I've worked round it!) and there was a generous amount of fabric and thread included, so I was happy!

The finished piece is about 4 inches square, so I will ikely make this into a cushion centre.

It anyone would like the chart, please say so in the comments!

Design Details

Fabric: 14 count aida, white
Threads: Anchor stranded cotton
Designer: Louise Ellwood- The Bold Sheep
Kit Details: Potted Flowers CSPOT - The Bold Sheep (c) 2004
Stitch Count: 57H x 57V
Stitches Used: Cross Stitch
Threads Used: Anchor 31, 185, 246, 295, 387, 109, 187, 265, 376. Cross stitch in two strands.
Embellishments: None
Modifications Made: None. Although there is an extra column of stitches on the left hand side.

1 comment:

Sally said...

Lovely finish Nic! Nice and bright.