Monday, November 26, 2007

Goals Review

It's now officially less than a month until Christmas. If I was a kid, I'd be excited. But I'm an adult, and I have a major uni assignment to be in before the end of term, presents to buy, cards to write ... at least with not working I don't have any excruciating works Christmas "Dos" to go to - being a non meat eater at these turkey fests is always depressing...

So, how am I doing with my stitching goals? Remarkably well, I think - pause while I polish halo and feel smug. I'm doing better at finishing than stitching, but that's good, as it means things are in a state to give or hang.

Ho Ho Ho Scissor Case - Lizzie*Kate - not yet started, but I think this will be an evening's work
Ornament for Parents - stitched, finished, and ready to wrap
Ornament for Niece - ditto
Ornament for Sister - stitched, am contemplating the finishing, as the first attempt looked horrible.
Ornament for Simone's Exchange - stitched, finished, mailed, received but not opened :o)
Ornament for Crazy Exchange Exchange - stitched, finished and ready to mail.
Christmas Bells - Janlynn - started, needs an afternoon/evening for completion.


Christmas Ornament - Brightneedle - still dithering as to whether to make a pinkeep or a stuffed ornament. Am favouring the latter for speed.
Christmas Rose - Elizabeth's Designs - done
Dear Santa, I Can Explain - Lizzie*Kate - done
Ho Ho Ho - Lizzie*Kate - borders added, needs backing
Jingle Bell Time - SanMan Originals - done
Joy Ornament - Just Nan - done
Joy To The World - Lizzie*Kate - done
Jungle Room Plaque - Dimensions/Sunset - needs doing, and soon, as it's a Christmas giftie for my niece.
Merry Little Christmas - Bent Creek - done, although I might re-do it.
Noel - Homespun Elegance - just needs a hanger adding
Peace - The Victoria Sampler - done
Peace Joy Love - Lizzie*Kate - border added, needs backing for making into cushion cover
Ready or Not - Lizzie*Kate - done
Snow - Gail Bussi - done
Snowman Ornament - Bent Creek - done
Star Santa Ornament - Lavender Wings - done
Finishing - Winter Peace - Sisters and Best Friends - fabric for border chosen.

Advent Wallhanging - Needlecraft - not even looked at. Will go back in the pile for another year.
Christmas Sampler - Leisure Arts - done and made up into a padded wall hanging.
December Sampler Accent - Periwinkle Promises - not even looked at yet.
Hearts of Joy No. 2 - Charland Designs - the reason it was a UFO has now been resolved, so will start stitching it again soon.
O Christmas Tree - Prairie Schooler - about 50% complete.

I think that I won't add anything more to this until my finishing at least is done, and hopefully my UFOs will be interesting enough to stitch that I won't feel the need to anyway!

I'm going to amend my sidebar list now - it isn't quite as satisfying as scoring out a list written by hand though :o)

I would like to make some Christmas cards this year, but they are going to be papercraft. Me and glue - could be interesting...

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Susan said...

That's quite a finishing list you have, leaving aside everything else on the list!