Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time to Celebrate

I don't often post about my life here - only if a piece of stitching triggers a memory, or there's something interesting to add, but I'm so excited, I've got to share!

I have a new job! And it's the job I really, really, really wanted!

I am shortly to be taking up a position as Marketing and Development Manager for a theatre company who specialise in in-school performances and workshops.

I had an interview yesterday, I had to write a press release and marketing plan for their next production - all about Bess of Hardwick, my adolescent heroine!! One of the guys interviewing me had written the play, so we had a good geeky chat about Bess and Hardwick Hall :o) It's Fate, or karma, or something - it means I'm going to be involved in events around the 400th anniversary of Bess's death at Hardwick, amongst other things, plus I'm going into a brand new role so I can really make it my own! I'm going to be able to use my marketing skills in a field I'm really interested in, rather than in selling consumer goods. Involvement in the arts has radically changed my life, for the better, so I want to spread that around :o)

And best of all - it's 16 hours a week so I still have plenty of time for my studies and other things, including stitching :o)

Oh - the offices are in an old Coroner's court, so are quite funky in an odd kind of way. It's a really nice space, I think I'm going to love it! My Dad was a frequent visitor back when they were functional (he was in the police) - he's pleased they've kept some of the features - although the Bench and witness box are gone...


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Congratulations on your new job!

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Yay! How thrilling to get such a custom-tailored job!! :D

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