Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thinking about next year's goals...

I know, I know! We've not even had Christmas yet!

The thing is, I have my parent's Ruby Wedding Anniversary on 27 January, so I need to stitch something for that ... which is the same day as my best friend's 39th birthday :o) Then I have the Wedding Sampler my sister has asked me to stitch for her sister in law which will need to be done by early March to allow time for framing ... before that, there's Valentine's Day, and I usually stitch something my partner Hermit (not his real name, BTW!). Then I have several monthly or seasonal series in my stash I'd like to work on as I've decided to decorate my rather bland kitchen with them ... and I'd like to continue getting some of my finished pieces made up... and my UFOs finished, or passed onto to someone who might finish them ...

And it's not as if I'll have the same amount of free time in the New Year, as I'll be starting my new job ... which I'm really excited about, but it's going to cut into my stitching and reading time somewhat :o)

I think I need a plan. I'm good at plans ... LOL

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