Monday, November 19, 2007

Jingle Bell Time - SanMan Originals

This was going to be my ornament for the Crazy Exchange, but I see my partner has updated her likes and dislikes, and she doesn't like red, or green :o( I do have another ornament I can make up though, which is mainly blues and pinks so the situation is saved, and I get to keep this cutie! :o)

The chart was a SanMan freebie given to the messageboard subscribers - I've kind of dropped out of sight on SanMan lately, I unsubscribed from the newsletter from an old address and can't get re-subscribed with a new one. The chart was part of "12 days of Christmas" and I was going to stitch each one between Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night that year. This was the only one I actually completed, because mt grandmother died on Christmas Day. I thought that makingthis up might bring back sad memories, but it didn't. I can't wait for my little niece to spot this - I'm sure she'll want to play with it!


Barbara said...

I'm glad that making the ornament didn't bring up any sad memories. It must be terribly difficult to lose a loved one on Christmas Day.

Sally said...

That looks lovely Nic. I stitched this one the year after they came out and it's still in my box waiting to be finished!

sammyjo said...

the ornament looks great and im sorry to hear about your gran.