Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pot Pourri Sachets - DMC

There are actually four little bags in the kit, but I did two of each design. The kit came with pot pourri, but as it was so old (an eBay purchase) it had lost mos tof its scent, and what was left wasn't particularly nice, so I ditched it! These are currently stuffed with fibrefill and in my smalls basket, but I think I will get some dried lavender for them. But it's finding lavender since Culpeppers closed! You'd think in a large city, someone somewhere would sell it, but I can't find any!

The heart shapes were pre-finished, and despite the designs having beads and metallic threads, they stitched up pretty speedily. I think they look quite funky, although I don't think cross stitch is ever going to be cutting edge trendy...

If anyone would like the chart, do say so in the comments box.

Design Details

Fabric: 28 count linen, antique white
Threads: DMC stranded cotton and metallic threads
Designer: not credited
Chart Details: Pot Pourri Sachets K4302 - DMC (discontinued kit)
Stitch Count: various - heart is 27H x 27V
Stitches Used: Cross Stitch
Threads Used: DMC 704, 718, 792, 959, 3812, 3843, 3845, 3852, 5283, 5284. Cross stitch in two strands over two.
Embellishments: Cerise metallic beads.
Modifications Made: None.

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Sally said...

These are gorgeous Nic.