Friday, November 30, 2007


All my obligation stitching for Christmas is finished, so I can relax - my ornament for the Crazy Exchange board exchange is in the mail, and now I just have to wrap the items for my family :o)

I've been reading a little about "Selfish Stitching" on blogs such as Stitch Bitch

I sort of like the idea, and was thinking about making that my theme for the year, and then I remembered that I'm in a birthday exchange, and a couple of other exchange groups, then there's my family (there's a significant anniversary this year), plus the sampler I've been commissioned to make for a wedding gift it's just not going to happen this year! I am not going to sign up for any round robins or major commitment with people I don't know, but I do enjoy giving (and receiving) stitchy stuff.

I'm going away for the weekend, but I'll be working - my best friend J has set up her own architectural practice, and needs a hand as she has so much work on! Hopefully, I will get a little stitching done in the evenings. It's a shame that the needlework shop there has closed down, but there is a yarn shop, I may get to drop in :o) The weather forecast for that part of the country isn't good though - snow is possible on the Pennines - and my friend has a real fire, so we may just stay in! When it's cold there - it's very cold!

The picture above (taken on a sunny day, and there aren't that many where I'm going) is pretty much the view from J's house - she's right on the river.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, thank you for dropping by and commenting - I might be back on Monday with a finish, wouldn't that be good!


Susan said...

What a lovely view your friend has. I hope you get a lot of work done, and also have time for stitching by the fire. I like the Selfish Stitching thing. I think I've swapped and Round Robined myself out for a while!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean, I'm ready to get back to stitching for myself!

tkdchick said...

Congrats on getting all your Christmas stitching done ... and done early! That's a huge weight off of your chest I bet!

Hopefully you won't get too bogged down with next year's stitching commitments.