Thursday, November 01, 2007

Goals Review - October

Finishing - If The Broom Fits - Lizzie*Kate - not done - and I'm not sure why, as I have the goggle eyes, I have the felt ... this has to go to the top of the list after Christmas!

Finishing - Pig Fridge Magnet Freebie Kit - done

Finishing - July Needleroll - The Victoria Sampler - not done - and again, I'm not sure why!

Finishing - Groundhog Day - Bent Creek - done

Stitching - Acorn Scissor Case - Lizzie*Kate - done

Stitching - October Sampler Accent - Periwinkle Promises - not done. Having finished the September one, I didn't really fancy doing another.

Stitching - Pot Pourri Sachets - DMC - done

Stitching - September Sampler Accent - Periwinkle Promises - done

UFO - Bee Treat - The Trilogy - done

UFO - Country Mice - Needlecraft Magazine - not done - I couldn't find the chart!

UFO - Moonshadow Sampler - Shepherd's Bush - not done - I'm finding the fabric difficuly to stitch on, as warp and weft are different colours.

UFO - Pumpkin Flower Sampler - Bent Creek - done

UFO - Schoolhouse Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush - done

WIP to finish - Pastoral Sampler - Helen Philipps - not done - I'd to frog a lot!

WIP to finish - Sampler Bookmark - Needlecraft Magic - done

WIP to finish - Strawberry - Needleworks by Sue Hawkins - not done - there's a specialty stitch block that's causing me problems, so it's going away for a bit so I can return refreshed!

WIP to finish - Potted Flowers - The Bold Sheep - done

However, these are the things done that weren't on the original goals list!

Finishing - Sampler Bookmark - Needlework Magic - made up into a laminated bookmark

Finishing - Two Hardanger Squares - Mary Hickmott - made up (using The Drawn Thread's method) into scissor fobs

Finishing - Winter Fobs Needleroll - Heart In Hand - finished as (surprise surprise!) a needleroll

Finishing - Schoolhouse Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush - finished as (yes, you guessed!) a needleroll

Finishing - Peace Needleroll - Jeannette Douglas Designs - finished as (who'd have thought) a needleroll, although quite a small one.

Finishing - When This You See - Cathy Bussi - just for a change, I made a mini pillow/pin cushion

Finishing - Merry Mooseness - Something in Common - I made this into a Christmas ornament for my brother in law. He likes mooses!

Finishing - EduCATed - Bent Creek - another mini pillow!

Finishing - Tartan Thistles - Textile Heritage - although the kit calls for this to be made into a needlebook, I made this into a pin cushion instead!

Finishing - Robin on Egg - Bent Creek - I finished this as a mini pillow for my smalls basket.

Finishing - Groundhog Day - Bent Creek - I made this into another mini pillow for my smalls basket

Finishing - Fall Freebie - Trail Creek Farm - I turned this into a fridge magnet.

Finishing - Pig Fridge Magnet Freebie - and I made this one into a fridge magnet too!

UFO - The White Cat - Bent Creek - this only needed a few buttons on, and I finally had some I liked for this

UFO - Lamb - Shepherd's Bush - this again just needed buttons, and as I didn't want to spend the large sum needed for the recommended ones, it's been a matter of waiting until I found some suitable ones!

Miscellaneous - Buzz - Bent Creek - this has been finished for years, but the buttons I originally chose were too large, so I replaced them with some from my new haul.

UFO - Bee Treat - The Trilogy - I needed some small bee charms, and found some in a chart pack that I don't actually want to stitch. So they got re-assigned, and this piece is now finished - and framed!

Stitching - Fall Into Autumn - Rainbow Gallery - my only "new start" for October that I hadn't planned, so I'm feeling quite proud of my restraint!

UFO - Winter Needleroll - Heart in Hand - again, just a button job

Stitching - Fall Freebie - Trail Creek Farm - stitched for an exchange on the Bookcrossing UK Yahoo group.

UFO - Plum Berry Sampler - Bent Creek - yet another button job!

UFO - Pumpkin Flower Sampler - Bent Creek - this was only half finished when I picked it up again, so I stitched the pumpkin and vine, and added the buttons.

UFO - Schoolhouse Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush - this needed beading.

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Sally said...

Wow you did well with your goals Nic! Congratulations.