Sunday, November 04, 2007

Merry Mooseness - Something in Common

I stitched this several years ago as part of the Chartswappers (now defunct Yahoo group) SAL and hadn't really known what to do with it. However, it has ben brought to my attention my brother in law is a little obsessed with moose (and llamas, strangely) so I've made this into an ornament for him!

This has been stitched over one on 22 count hardanger fabric, which is about as small as I will go these days for over one stitching!


Iris said...

It's beautiful !!!

Andrea said...

Mmmmm strange b-i-l!! Great ornament, congratulations on the finish.

Sally said...

Oh so you also have unfinished ornaments from the Chartswappers SAL!! Lol! Pleased it's not just me! It looks brilliant!