Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas ABC Part 2 - C*D* - Free Cross Stitch Chart!

Edited to add: As of Twelfth Night (6 January 2010) this chart is no longer available as a freebie. It may return at some point as a chart for sale to raise money for the MS Trust


I love candles, especially scented candles. My cousin, who is based in the US, was working at Yankee Candle this summer, so when my sister visited, she was able to bring me back a haul at factory shop prices :o) I love the gentle light and delicate scent of candles - although I'm not sure I would have enjoyed working by the light - and smell - of tallow candles in days gone by!

I haven't always liked candles. Back in the Seventies, when I was very little, Britain was struck by a rash of strikes, which lead to the Three Day Week and many power failures. Our house was heated by a solitary coal fire, so we were better off than some. Candles in particular were in short supply. So my sister and I came down one morning to find that my mum had melted down all our crayons to make candles ... it's fair to say that we felt colouring in was more important than candles! :o)

I love donkeys. Yes, they can be stubborn (can't we all be?) but they are loving and gentle, and will keep going forever. I was lucky enough to take a donkey trek in Egypt, from Luxor to the Valley of the Kings, as the sun rose over the Nile and illuminated the cliffs and temples in that area. It was stunning! It was also quite scary in places, as the path was precipitous, and the donkeys inclined to jostle ... but they are surefooted little beasties, and as long as you have confidence in them and relax, they will see you to your destination!

If you would like copies of the charts, please comment below with your email address and I'll get them sent out to you. If you do stitch either of these designs, I'd love to see a picture - and there will be a prize for each one I show on my blog!

Edited to add: If you feel so inclined, a donation to the MS Trust for this chart would be appreciated. Pennies will do - and you can make payment via the link in my sidebar or by clicking here.


This pattern is offered for personal, non-commercial use only. Items made from this pattern may be sold on a small scale basis such as on Etsy or at craft sales. Sales for charity are positively encouraged! This pattern and the text and photos contained within, may not be copied or reproduced for any purpose other than personal use. Please direct people to this blog rather than forwarding the pattern, thank you! Copyright 2009 N M Wray


DonnaTN said...

I absolutely want a copy of C & D! Thank you for A & B! They won't get done for this year, will be a great addition to next year's decorations.
Thanks Nic!

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

That is a great story. I love a good scented candle with no chemicals or paraffin.

Barbara said...

Please do continue to send the letters to me, I love the C one.

Danielle said...

I also want a copy of C and D. I plan on stitching all of the alphabet on one piece of fabric, kind of like the Lizzie Kate flip its, you know? I am always amazed at others creativity in designing! Can't wait to see what the other letters turn out to be!

Diane said...

Thank you for the first set of charts. Please send me C and D, too. And thanks for the assurance that I'll still be able to get the weekend charts after the day. :)

Irene said...

Yes please send these to me. Thanks for A&B.

Myra said...

Me please. :o) I love candles too - I have them all around my house. Thank you so much for these cute little charts.

P.S. How many stitches did you leave below and beside the designs in your model? I am trying to put my plan together.

pj said...

Thank you for such a nice gift...guess we have to stop by each and every day so we don't miss any of the alphabet!!! pj

Margaret said...

Hi Nic
I would love to have C and D as well as the A and B so have left a comment on that blog too. I love the choices you have made for each letter.