Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas ABC Part 6 - K*L* - Free Cross Stitch Chart!


Edited to add: As of Twelfth Night (6 January 2010) this chart is no longer available as a freebie. It may return at some point as a chart for sale to raise money for the MS Trust
I've always found the conflation between 'king' and 'wise man' confusing. I guess it just goes to show the limitations of translation ... even before Babelfish!

I'm not a huge fan of Royalty (typical British understatement here) but I have seen members of our Royal family. When they holidayed at Balmoral, they used to pass the top of the road 200 yards from my grandmother's place, where we were having our own - somewhat less grand - holidays so we would sometimes go and watch them wizz by - my sister was quite the little Royalist, and is still fascinated by all Queen Victoria's children and grandchildren. My dad - a policeman - used to be on duty for Royal visits to our home county. Charles and Diana visited Chesterfield in the first year of their marriage, so there was quite a crowd to see them. My dad said Diana had amazing blue eyes ... I don't think he was struck by our future king, though!

Gosh, deciding to write a little story or holiday memory about every design - what have  I done?Well, that was my first thought. And my second. And then the old grey cells got to work, and dredged up from the back of my memory the reason why this little lantern looked familiar. I remember my mum making one like this, with orange cellophane on the windows. I can't have been older than seven or eight so it was many years ago now! My mum is probably the main reason I craft, because I saw her do it. It's nice to have something to share. I'm hopefully now passing some of the skills I have down to my niece - my sister gardens and makes fabulous cards, but is not a needlewoman. Odd how the genes work...

If you would like copies of the charts, please comment below with your email address and I'll get them sent out to you. If you do stitch either of these designs, I'd love to see a picture - and there will be a prize for each one I show on my blog!

Edited to add: If you feel so inclined, a donation to the MS Trust for this chart would be appreciated. Pennies will do - and you can make payment via the link in my sidebar or by clicking here.


This pattern is offered for personal, non-commercial use only. Items made from this pattern may be sold on a small scale basis such as on Etsy or at craft sales. Sales for charity are positively encouraged! This pattern and the text and photos contained within, may not be copied or reproduced for any purpose other than personal use. Please direct people to this blog rather than forwarding the pattern, thank you! Copyright 2009 N M Wray


Danielle said...

Please e-mail me K and L. I love this alphabet! hahn.danielle@gmail.com

grannymoff72 said...

Aren't memories wonderful?? At 73 I have my fair share, grin. You know who is rather dingy isn't he, grin. As usual a great job on the letters, and off topic but could you share a photo of your pink sparkly leg warmer??? I am looking for a pattern that isn't too complicated with cables, for arm warmers. I would imagine the western NC mountains are about as cold as you are there! I sure feel it anymore.BarbM

Trinabelle said...

Hello Nic :-)

Wonderful stories and letters once again!

Thanks so much for sharing them with us!


Diane said...

Please send these as well. I was swamped yesterday, so just got to requesting the weekend's charts. So glad to be caught up. Thank you again. I'm going to enjoy stitching them.

Myra said...

I agree - wonderful stories and patterns. Me again please. :o)

DonnaTN said...

Here I am again. Please send me part 6. I really look forward to each days letters! Thank you so much.

Irene said...

Wonderful memories. Please send these to me xshappy@telus.net

Margaret said...

I love the memories as well as the charts. Please send me K and L

Elizabeth Braun said...

Year of the UFO? Good idea! I don't really have any (except one tiny cross stitch thingy that I certainly don't have with me over here!), so I can't do that myself, but I do think that kind of thing would be great for may stitchers to clear their decks and consciences. I guess my version is mostly using up kits and so on that I've had on hand for a year or 5 and have never done any more than drool over!!

pj said...

Trying to catch up...thanks again.