Monday, December 28, 2009

Prairie Schooler SAL

Day 1

Day 2(under artificial light)

Day 3

The combination of a peaceful Christmas with no travelling and Test Match Special on the radio, with live coverage of England's cricketers taking on South Africa has given me plenty of stitching time until I start work again tomorrow (boo, hiss!).

So my Prairie Schooler SAL is growing apace ... of course, when talking about over one, 'growing' is a relative term ... but hopefully, I will finish it later today. I've had a visit from the frog, I miscounted the vine border and was one stitch out by the time I got to the top ... I've reworked the horizontal row at the top, but the leaves and berries I've left alone, it can be our little secret :o)


staci said...

Fantastic progress! I'll keep your secret, especially since I think it looks perfect!

Cathy B said...

I think you are making great progress Nic! Very brave of you to attempt that project over one (I'm not very fond of over one stitching!)

Myra said...

You are making great progress. I have been ooohhh and ahhhing over all that knitting you got done. So pretty!