Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chunky Wristwarmers

Design: Chunky Wristwarmers
Designers: Can't remember where I got the idea from - not that there's a design as such!
Yarn: Fontana (from Lidl Supermarket)
Fibre: 100% acrylic
Needles: 6mm

These match the scarf in the previous post. They are basically a rectangle of garter stitch, seamed so that the ridges run vertically and with a gap left in the seam for the thumb. They could not be simpler, and so I make a pair in about an hour. They don't look anything much when not worn, hence the rather odd hand modelling going on...

I was wearing them to class a couple of weeks ago, and my Literature tutor admired them. So did one of my classmates when she borrowed them as she couldn't get her hands warm - these did the trick and I nearly lost them! My tutor asked for the instructions and by the class the following week, she'd already made three pairs! My tutor for this class is great - she's pretty creative herself, she was showing me some needlefelted jewellry she'd made with combings from her Shih Tzu!

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riona said...

You and Stephanie [of the Yarn Harlot blog] are the reasons I have made learning to knit one of my stitching goals this year.