Saturday, December 26, 2009

Waterfall Scarf

Design: Waterfall Scarf
Yarn: Fontana (from Lidl Supermarket)
Fibre: 100% acrylic
Needles: 8mm

This knitted up really quickly, and it looks pretty impressive. It's worked entirely in garter stitch, so couldn't be easier - the magic comes with the dropped stitches at the end!

I used just over three 50g balls for this, and it's slightly too long for me - but as I'm only 5 feet 2 inches, many things are :o)

This yarn was pretty good for the price (£2.99 for 200g) - better than some 'name' yarns in the way it has handled and is wearing.

Buddha should have been a garden ornament, but I have no garden ... he's a great model, very patient ;o)


riona said...

Adore the colors ... I had to scroll back to catch the Buddha reference, not being the most observant of souls. I totally focused on the scarf and didn't "see" the model.

staci said...

Gorgeous scarf! I love the color of this yarn and think the pattern is perfect for it!!!

JOLENE said...

How beautiful! I love those colors!! The design is wonderful, I wish I could knit.....I just know crochet. There are so many beautiful designs to knit...maybe I will have to sign up for a knitting class.