Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chunky Wristwarmers #2

Design: Chunky Wristwarmers
Designer: me, such as they are 'designed'
Yarn: King Cole Magnum Chunky
Fibre: 75% acrylic, 25% wool

Colour: Amber (317)
Needles: 6mm

I've decided I have a new 'go-to' pattern for fingerless mitts. It's basically knit a rectangle in garter stitch, seam where appropriate, darn in the ends and then flutter my hands and wait for the admiring comments...which I get in bucketfuls. And more than when I wear my nicely cabled mitts with a proper thumb ...ahem.

I'm lucky that in the UK, it rarely gets cold enough to need more than these. If the daytime temperature here goes below -2 deg. C, it's about as cold as it gets in an English city - I've been on the hills and been colder, a lot colder, but then I wear the proper gear, 'k?

Another bargainous yarn from The Wool Baa - something like £2.00 a ball, and I used less than 2 balls to make these and the beret in the next post. The wool in the blend makes them feel great, lightweight and warm and the acrylic means they'll go in the washing machine. What's not to like? If any of you say 'the colour' I'll be over to try and convert you to the joys of orange !

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