Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chunky Beret

Design: Slouchy Beret, based on Esme - free pattern available here
Designer: Amy Pickard, modified by me
Yarn: King Cole Magnum Chunky
Fibre: 75% acrylic, 25% wool
Colour: Amber (317)
Needles: 5mm and 6mm

I knitted an Esme beret last year and loved it, so started this one when I went away on my knitting retreat in November. It worked up very quickly - I started it while waiting for lunch to arrive at the pub, and finished it before dinner that evening.

The original Esme has a cabled band, but I just did garter stitch. The band is a little wide, and the yarn with this needle size is a little firm, so it doesn't slouch as much as I'd hoped. However, it makes a great cloche, and I wear it with a brooch pinned to the band. With my bobbed hair, I feel very Thirties!

The hat took only 100g (110m) of yarn too!


Meari said...

Cute hat!

dyedinthewool said...

I love the modification you made (on this and the one with the smaller garter stitch band)!