Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comments replied to and questions answered

I'm not always sure that replying to comments in situ works, and if I can't email from a person's profile I'm kind of stuck unless I reply here ... so, here's a round up of recent comments and my replies! I value each and every one of my readers and commenters, do keep coming back and if you are nervous about leaving a comment, don't be, I don't bite! :o)

(please, if you ask a question or request a chart and would like a reply, leave an email address - I may have anumber of skills, but psychic powers are not among them! LOL)

Riona said "You and Stephanie [of the Yarn Harlot blog] are the reasons I have made learning to knit one of my stitching goals this year. "

Gosh. I don't know what to say. I mean, Yarn Harlot is a professional at this knitting and blogging (and writing books!) lark - I'm only an enthusiastic amateur. Go for it Riona, and I'd urge you to find a local stitch n bitch group, it's what really inspires me to pick up the needles. It's a real shame that there isn't a local needlecraft group for me, but the blogosphere is a superb substitute!

Katherine replied to my post on the Tardis washcloth saying how she missed Donna in Doctor Who - the good news is she appeared in the Christmas special (and Wilf too) - hope you get to view it soon!

Jillyjill32 picked up an error on my Knitted Cable Scarf pattern - this has now been corrected - thank you so much for pointing it out - and I've re-written the pattern to improve clarity. I'm always happy to get feedback on my patterns, so if you have a comment, please speak up :o)

Mindy - I knitted the Luna Moth shawl is Sirdar Blur - which is 30% kid mohair and 70% acrylic. It's also been discontinued :o(

Leta - thanks for the comments on my charts, but unfortunately, you did not leave an email address and your Blogger profile is not publicly visible. Please can you comment again, leaving your email address? (if you are worried that it may be picked up by spambots, leave spaces in it or add an extra word, telling me to leave out cat or hat or whatever you choose)

And don't forget my giveaway for my 500th post - leave a comment there and I'll enter you in the draw. Leave a link on your blog and you'll get more entries!

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Elizabeth Braun said...

This post was a good idea, never fear! I expect that next to no-one goes back to the comment form/page that they used to ask the question on so a blogger leaving a reply there is almost certainly going to be a waste of time. I either comment back on their blog, or do as you've done here and answer on blog in my next post. You know they read that bit!!

Wow! 30 finishes this year! You certainly wiped the floor with me stitching wise.=) Let's see if I can put up a better fight this next year, huh??=)LOL!

I'd love to learn to knit to and have an idea of making my own wooly pullies. Knitting is big over here and there's a shop not 2 minutes walk from my flat!