Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust

I'm not sure whether you know or not, but I have Multiple Sclerosis. I'm very fortunate in that currently I only have mild symptoms of the disease, and I'm still able to work, study and follow my favourite hobbies - well, with a bit of organisation and setting realistic goals! Okay, maybe skip that bit about realistic goals - LOL!

The MS Trust have been very helpful to me, giving me all the information I need to help me manage my condition and to understand more about my diagnosis. They have also given me the resources I've needed to talk to my family, friends and work colleagues about the impact MS has on my life.My mum especially found it very hard to come to terms with - but then I think all mothers struggle when things don't work out as they'd hoped for their offspring.

I wanted to give something back to the Trust, and I wondered what to do. I needed to be able to incorporate anything I organised into my lifestyle - and then it struck me. I share my cross stitch designs and knitting patterns on my blog. And stitchers are some of the most generous people I know. So I thought, why not ask people to make a small donation if they feel so inclined? And if I sell some of my finished work or some of my excess stash, then the money can go to the Trust too! Of course, there will never, ever be any pressure to make a donation - I've been stony broke before and I know what it's like, and how sometimes even finding the money for necessities is a struggle. And with the recession...

So, I'm mentioning it now as an option - that's all. And thank you for the support and encouragement you've given me about my designing, making this possible. Sometimes, just a kind word is as valuable as any monetary gift.

The link in the sidebar will take you to my Justgiving page. Thank you.

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