Friday, January 01, 2010

Cable Hotwater Bottle Cosy

Design: Cable Hot Water Bottle Cover - free design available on Ravelry

Designer: Alexis Layton

Yarn: Stylecraft Life Chunky
Fibre: 75% acrylic, 25% wool
Colour: Denim, 2322

Needles: 6mm

I knitted this for The Hermit for Christmas. I only knit blue for other people ;o) The pattern was simple and easy to follow, although I was worried at one point that it would be too small for the hotwater bottle - I started it on my trip away with no access to a hottle, and it looked pretty small when I was working on it, as the cables pull it in a lot. In fact, it got called the Hotwater Bottle Condom because of the likelihood of a snug fit (thanks girls!).

Anyway, it's a perfect fit, it used less than a ball (100g/148m/162yds) of the yarn, and my sweetie really likes it. As he should, actually, as he was the one who picked out the pattern. Is the next step to get him to knit one of his own?

This was the first of three Hotwater Bottle Covers I knitted this Christmas. I think I'm going to make one for myself from all the leftover yarn!

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KarenV said...

It looks great! Thanks for posting the pattern info and for the ribbed one you posted the other day - I think the inlaws might be getting these next Christmas.