Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finish or Fling? - Christmas Patchwork

This is probably another project from my time on the South Coast - I was unhappy and I think it showed in my lack of stick-to-it-ness with projects. I had plans for a lap quilt size project from a selection of scraps, but like the Advent Calendar, the fabrics I've used already are a mix of cotton and polycotton, and there is one block finished and one block cut out.

  • Cheerful
  • Uses fabric scraps

  • Bad fabric choices
  • Lot of work if I stick to my original plan
  • The Hermit hates Christmas, and another big project hanging around could tip him over the edge!

So - finish or fling?

Verdict: finish, but only these two squares. I might make them into something small, like potholders or a couple of scissor pouches.


Heidi said...

Why not make four blocks and turn it into a little tabletopper quilt. You can add touches of ribbons on the seams and have the looks of 4 gifts with the Card Trick block. A fun quilt to use for Christmas.

Hugs ~

Cathy B said...

Wow Nic, you are really cleaning out! I just read your last several Finish or Fling posts. Good way to start the new year!

Alberta said...

I love the's something I want to do and black & white piece with just a splash of 1 colour. I have to give you credit for finishing it despite it not being a favorite.

Happy New Year!

PurestGreen said...

well done you for sticking with it and finishing. I'm terrible with most things - I rarely finish anything other than my meals. :)

riona said...

I am not saying a word ... given that I pieced a entire crazy quilt top [for a full size bed] and then never backed it or finished the edges ... 34 years ago ... I don't dare!!!

happy said...
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