Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finish or Fling? - Floral Sampler

This was a Wedding Sampler I made for a colleague back in 1996. Their wedding was in February, and that was the month I ended up hospitalised. I didn't go back to work for more than six months. And my colleague had moved on by the time I got back. I wonder how the couple got on?

It would be possible to frog and restitch, but the fabric has got stained at some point in storage - I've not idea what with.

  • Would only need to stitch initials
  • Quite like the design - I stitched another version in a different colour way for my gran, and of course, I have that now.

  • Hate the colours - I'm not a pastel person.
  • Damaged fabric
  • Already have a version of it
So - Finish or Fling?

Verdict: Fling. Definitely fling! Of course, if anyone has initials KD or is a "K&D" couple, they could try and rescue it?


Barbara said...

Sigh, another one I hate to see you fling! As to the stains, a friend of mine inherited some embroidered blocks from her grandma and she used a mix of Biz and OxyClean and soaked the piece overnight, got them all out, so you might try that, then either give it agay to someone who loves it, or finish it, except for picking out the initials, wrap it in tissue and wait for a wedding and put the initals on it and give it to them, it would make someone happy, and you would be also I think. BarbM

Karen said...

Hi Nic, if you are flinging it adn haven't already, i would love to take it off your hands and try to rescue it. we are a K&D, karen and Doug and married in 1996. LOL