Friday, January 22, 2010

Finish or Fling? - Friendship Sampler

I think I started this when I first moved back to Sheffield. I'm not sure why - it's so not my style! It's from a book by Gail Bussi, which I no longer even own. And no, I didn't take a working copy...

I can see there's definitely a pattern to my UFOs - they seem to have accumulated at a time when my life was very unsettled, and I wasn't online, so I didn't have the support from the online stitching community I have now. It's very motivating for me to set goals and to share progress - there are very few UFOs from about 2002 onwards ... so I have made progress in my life ;o)

  • Can't think of any, apart from getting it crossed off the list!

  • No longer have the chart!
  • Not my style
  • Worked on aida

So - Finish or Fling?

Verdict - Fling!


Heidi said...

Did you already fling? I have an idea. What now rip out the excess and use the two completed sections. Turn it into a gift for someone. Problem solved?

Hugs ~

johnsb said...

I would suggest the same as Heidi - fudge the balance of the main section you've completed - a couple of shades of green to suggest leaves and use the 2 sections to make a needlebook cover.
The friend need never know it's a rescued project

Bronny said...

I've really got to watch who I am when I send off a comment - sorry - johnsb is my son's account.
Just so you don't get confused as to who is reading your blogs...bronny

Barbara said...

I agree with Heidi and Bronny, take out the unfinished portion and finish it as something, just don't trash such a lovely design.

wendy said...

was going to say that too..frog everything that's not finished and keep

Patti said...

I like Heidi's idea but heck I would have slung it too! I really HATE aida with a total vengeance so I would sling it.
Patti xxx