Sunday, January 17, 2010

Giotto's Hand - Iain Pears

As well as crafting, my other main passion is reading. I used to review on my Livejournal every book I read, didn't do it last year, and have just begun again. As I know a lot of my stitching bloggy friends are also readers, I thought I would post the reviews here too. I'm quite active on a number of book sites (including Bookcrossing, Bookmooch, ReadItSwapIt and GreenMetropolis) and I'm happy to give out my IDs if you drop me an email.

Product Description (from Amazon)

Witty and clever art history-mystery featuring Jonathan Argyll, from the author of the bestselling masterpiece 'An Instance of the Fingerpost'. General Bottando of Rome's Art Theft Squad is in trouble: his theory that a single master criminal, dubbed 'Giotto', is behind a string of major art thefts has aroused the scorn of his arch enemy and rival, the bureaucrat Corrado Argan. He needs a result, and the confession of a dying woman may just provide the vital clue. In pursuit of the elusive Giotto, Bottando's colleague, Flavia di Stefano, sets off hotfoot for Florence, and English art dealer Jonathan Argyll is dispatched to London and then on to rural Norfolk -- only to discover a body and a mystery which could lead to the greatest art find of his career!

This was an enjoyable and amusing "whodunnit" which harked back to the Golden Age of crime novels, with its setting in a Miss Marple-ish village where the local Lady of the Manor opens the Village Fete and the villagers are all related to one another...

Looking at Bookcrossing, I have read this book before, but I couldn't remember it ... so it's not an amazing book, but it is one that adequately passes the time. I realised the perpetrator quite early one, because they appear in a later book in this series, which I do remember ... I think!


KarenV said...

I discovered RISI last summer and have used it a bit - I'm registered as twoblackcats, but haven't got a lot of books on my swap list at the minute. Drop me an email with your ID if you want :)

Always smiling said...

Hi Nic
Like you I sometimes read books I have aleady read by mistake!!
If I can't remember the end I carry on reading and am quite surprised when I get there that I couldn't remember it! Lovely to read back on your blog, good idea to have a year of UFOs I am not doing lots of exchanges this year and think I will get loads done, or maybe not??? LOL
Happy Stitching
Chris x