Friday, January 08, 2010

Finish or Fling? - Chatsworth

This UFO isn't even one of mine - I think my mum was given it by a friend, and somehow I've ended up with it. In my defence, it is only a recent acquisition. So, do I adopt it and finish it? Or should I pass it on again?

  • The local connection - Chatsworth is only about 10 miles away and as a family we often used to go and picnic or walk in the grounds
  • Would go with my Derbyshire map project

  • No personal connection to the project
  • Stitched on aida
  • Lot of work to do
  • No picture of the finished design (and I can't find one online)

This is a picture of Chatsworth House. It is thought that Chatsworth was the basis for Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice, and indeed, was featured in the Keira Knightley film version.

So - do I Finish or Fling?

I think, on balance, I will fling this, but keep the chart in case I feel a burning need to do it at some point in the future.


riona said...

The albeit tenuous connection to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice would be enough to convince me to keep the chart but I would re-start the project on linen as would befit an Austen heroine ... every January I embark on a ritual re-reading of Austen's complete works

ragamuffin yogini said...


Barbara said...

I have to admit that a work like that deserves a nice linen, about a 32 count, then I would do it. I have a photo I downloaded from somewhere of Chatsworth from afar, lovely scenery, sheep grazing, beautiful! Can you even tell from the chart what the whole scene is?

Margaret said...

I would definitely fling!