Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just for Anna

Anna asked me to explain why I've decided to design under the name "Linden Bee".  It's nothing to do with Linden Labs or Second Life, that's the first point I should make :o) Linden comes from the name of the flats I live in, and is also used for lime trees - the non fruit bearing ones, and of course 'limey' is a nickname used for a Brit. Which I am. :o)

Bee is also a nickname, but one which came to me via my OH. The URL for this blog contains the full version - which is Beebarf. OH, being Canadian, called me honey a lot in the early days, until I pointed out I didn't really like it, as I think honey tastes vile, and is in effect bee puke. And it turned out that OH and his brother used to call honey 'beebarf' and so the name got applied to me LOL! Of course, the symbolism of bees appeals too. And it was easy to incorporate one into my logo.

So there we go :o)


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Catherine said...

Very cool!

mainely stitching said...

Just catching up, and wow, it's great to see your happy news. Congratulations on your Linden Bee line - I love the name!!! :D