Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finish or Fling? - The Pyramids

As I've done a total of about four rows, you can't really help me make a judgement, so here's a picture of what the final design will look like:

This is another relatively new start. I bought the kit in a charity shop, I think a store had donated all their stock as I picked up other stuff at the same time. I don't normally do figurative or pictorial cross stitch - well, not these days - but I had a superb trip to Egypt once, and this included a visit to the Pyramids. Although I didn't ride on a camel there, I did go on a camel safari when I got to Aswan - and loved it. I like camels, and I don't think they are anymore smell or snotty than the average cow. Although riding them, you are a long way off the ground!

  • Lovely clear Heritage Stitchcraft chart
  • Happy memories
  • Evenweave fabric
  • Sunshiny yellows - love working that with those colours

  • A long way to work on this
  • Heritage's fractional stitches
So - Finish or fling?

Verdict: Finish. Although it may not be this year!


ragamuffin yogini said...

You are on fire with the decision making....I think I might have to adopt your strategy of "finish or fling". I've got projects on top of projects on top of projects and I almost can't work on anything for the clutter. You are inspiring me.....

Barbara said...

Glad you are going to finish 'the pyramids', grin. It really is a nice design, not sure what I would do with it when it was done, but I love a challange like this one. BarbM